SNS-S70 represents the backbone of all our applications. It is a powerful Naval Simulation Engine and it consists of several modules contributing to an extremely believable Naval Environment.

Simulating the sea and waves visuals and dynamics in a believable and accurate way is key to a professional Marine Simulation that leads to a successful Naval training. Simsquared simulated sea environment is the result of years of research, feedback and fine-tuning. The result is nothing short of spectacular. Actually, Simsquared engines simulate the atmosphere (including thermals and micro-meteorological conditions), the land, the sea and underwater environment so consistently that it is perfectly possible to fly, sail or perform submerged operations within the same environment - it all depends on the vehicle of choice.

SNS-S70 relies on several layers of GIS data, including 3D objects. Creating a photo-accurate port, a canals network or an entire city is not a problem.

We generate weather and environmental effects which allow helm, bridge and even unpowered sail training and global navigation in various extreme conditions which can be set at the instructor or trainee station. Of course, we can also show off stunningly beautiful effects - just like in real life. The underwater environment is especially developed for operational training of submerged vehicles of any size: tethered and non-tethered Remotely Operated Vehicles operation, mini-subs, subs and sea-bottom vehicles.

Our Naval Simulation engine generates and cotrols AI vehicles and allows for networked operations for combined maneuvering exercises. We simulate boats and ships of any size and shape, with or without submerged foils.

SNS-S70 integrates easily and seamlessly with any external systems. We can control or be controlled by external modules and we can adapt to any input hardware. In addition, our simulation engines generate graphics fully compatible with 3D VR helmets/goggles and single and multi display systems, for a fully immersive experience

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