VSF, or "Vehicle Simulation Framework" is a virtual "World Simulator" which accurately simulates the visuals and physics of Underwater, Naval, Ground, Flight and Low Earth Orbit vehicles. Creating an amphibious simulation is as simple as "dropping" an amphibious vehicle model into the virtual world. The accurate 6DoF models allows for accurately simulating anything from a ASW/AMW minisubs, RHIB, UAV, USV, sailplane, paragliders, gyros, helicopters, fighter jets and even experimental aircraft such as the SpaceShip One.

VSF offers the same stunning visuals, effects and performance as our other products, including self shadowing, volumetric fog and clouds and realistic atmospheric and weather simulation, with lighting and celestial conditions dependent on location, date and hour.

Our fast customization is key to a rapid deployment of training, simulation and modeling products.

Sample Images

These images were taken from VSF in various operating modes

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